Technology vs Man | Who will win? | Recently I read a book from one of the most famous authors Gerd Leonhard & that was about technology vs humanI liked that book and that inspired me. So, I decided to write about Man vs Technology. Presenting the latest article about Technology vs man, Who will win if competition arises? Let's discuss Technology vs man.
Technology vs man | Man vs machine
Technology vs man 

Technology vs Man

The book by Gerd Leonhard is based on this topic. Technology vs Humanity focuses on the future relationship between Man and Robots. It also reminds that's time for such reflections in running out.
Besides that, We can never again falter between commending the mechanical upheaval and grieving a lost world. We can never again enjoy the Hollywood-style dualism among the perfect world and oppressed world. Leonhard indicated in the book technology vs humanity. That the minute has come to confront a discussion, can never again be put off. Furthermore, the discussion must have an unmistakable beginning stage. With the change in human welfare and joy at the focal point of each essential leadership and administration process. Do you know why technology is good?

According to Gerd Leonhard

As innovation creates at an exponential rate and rethinks the manner in which we work, live and even think. However, Gerd Leonhard offers a voice to a progression of questions. 
However, He raises various squeezing focuses. And posting the different Megashifts we should confront. Breaking down the continuous romantic tale between bots vs man. And giving sustenance to thought on the long-standing discussion on occupations in danger. 
However, he cautions us: there is a radically new arrangement of fundamental issues. Since innovation is never again merely redrawing our economy and society. 
Yet, also, our science (maturing, labor, and so forth.) and our morals. Thus the book's most imperative message: the squeezing requirement for moral reflection.
Are we tend to happy with entrusting bound selections to artificial intelligence? can we tend to be happy withbeing force-medicated by a bot.
Technology that we know & see, is agnostic commonly. This raises a progression of questions; for instance, what should robot parental figures do when patients decline to take their drugs? They could be customized to utilize constrain notwithstanding a specific level of harm. A unique method for acting (and deciding) than individuals. Which makes one wonder:

"Would we say we are OK with entrusting certain choices to man-made reasoning? Will a robot approve of being power?" 

Humanity at Risk

The risk in addition to that is that we are going to be losing humanity. Automation is exploding as a result of it’s profusely clear that humans area unit big-ticket, slow, and infrequently inefficient. Whereas, machines area unit low-cost, fast, ultra-efficient, and turning into exponentially additional thus.
More extensive issues additionally exhibit the requirement for morals. According to Gerd Leonhard, the IoT (Internet of Things), if not appropriately oversaw, could prompt the most significant reconnaissance system ever, a kind of worldwide panopticon. 
Technology vs man | Man vs machine
Technology vs man | Man vs machine

Gerd Leonhard, in this way, dispatches a full-scale assault. Which was against the absence of safety measure and fore-knowledge in the utilization of innovation. Particularly concerning its makers.
"Advances are ethically nonpartisan until the point when we apply them," said the sci-fi author William Gibson. What's more, to cite Benjamin Parker, the uncle of Peter Parker (otherwise known as Spider-Man). "With incredible power comes awesome duty"-Parker. 

Right now is an ideal opportunity - and, as Gerd Leonhard never tires to remind us, "the last possibility". If you want to join the dabs between enormous information and computerized morals. To begin talking about the ethical system required to control the development of advanced life. To cross over any barrier between what innovation can do (pretty much anything, no doubt).
Therefore, what it ought to accomplish human bliss? And to think about by and by what makes people one of a kind. To put it plainly, to reevaluate the job of humankind in the post-human world. 

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Conclusion on Technology vs Man

Besides that, What would we be able to do about innovation assuming control where it ought not? 
How might we shield ourselves from only turning into the objects of bot-filled hyper-productivity? Nourishing a mammoth AI that like this directs our lives and reveals to us. What we can never again do? 
In the exact not so distant future, it will never again be about whether innovation can accomplish something. However, whether it ought to do.
He is worried that we may before long turn out to be entirely futile without technology.
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