Grab others attention by using these unique and best funny wifi names for your wifi router. Suitable for everywhere! All we have to do is make fun by using these clever wifi names.
When an average person turns on wifi, he finds at least 5 to 6 network. All are protected and only a few are open. The most interesting thing to watch is their names. Some of them are funny, few are hilarious, few are romantic, few of them are showing their attitude. I have also seen some names that give you warnings. So friends, Why don't you also use those types of top free funny wifi names on your SSID router. 

    Greatest Collection Wifi Names Lists

    The demand for internet is growing like anything day by day. Everyone wants a connection, whether it is a mobile data or a secured wifi network. Today's teens can't spend a single hour without the internet. These names are enough to make your neighbors smile. 
    password wifi name images
    Wifi Connection Pics 
    Wait! Do you know the full form of WIFI?
    It's Wireless Fidelity A brand mostly famous with the word "WIFI".

    Suitable funny SSID Names For Home

    Let's start with our home. In this section, I have covered the suitable funniest wifi names for a home. These are unique and 100% copyright free to use anywhere. The biggest advantage is these are family friendly. So feel free to pick anyone and use it.
    1. Wham Bam Thank You, LAN
    2. Winter Wonderland
    3. The Internet
    4. Click Here for Wifi
    5. Click Here Start Download
    6. I Now Pronounce You Man and Wifi
    7. Just Move On
    8. IP a Lot
    9. Jump on the Bandwidth
    10. Bandwidth for Fun
    11. Not the Wifi You’re Looking For
    12. Titanic Syncing
    13. Get off my LAN
    14. This LAN Is My LAN
    15. This LAN is Your LAN
    16. Untrusted Network
    17. No Internet Access
    18. Connected
    19. Router? I Hardly Knew Her
    20. Who Pooped in the Pool
    21. Secured
    22. Not Secured
    23. Definitely Not Wifi
    24. Escaped Nigerian Prince
    25. Whose Car Alarm is That
    26. If I Had Your Wifi Wouldn’t Need Internet
    27. I Left the Seat Up
    28. Byte Me
    29. You Fart Pretty Loud
    Here is More!
    1. I’m Single
    2. Users Unknown Battle Ground
    3. WiFi Of Thrones
    4. Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai!
    5. Sent your mobile number for WiFi
    6. Only for Girl’s And Aunties
    7. We have a Virus
    8. Wireless Fidelity
    9. This not government's Wifi
    10. Sent me Burger for Wifi
    11. Wi-fi is C*ming
    12. The House of wife and WiFi
    13. Wi-Fi Festa
    14. A Router of Iceland
    15. The Charming Connection
    16. @HKR’s Network
    17. House of Donald_Trump
    18. Don’t Hack my Wife
    19. Fight the Service Set
    20. No More MisterFi
    21. I Slept With Your WiFi
    22. 99 problems but wifi ain’t one
    23. Default "your name here"
    24. NSA Drone #4
    25. Desperate Housewife
    26. No Mans land Security
    27. DMCA Protected
    28. Out Of Service Try Later
    29. Traffic Sniffer @ Neighbors
    30. Loading...
    31. Failed to Connect
    32. Hey, neighbor Lets meet!
    33. Still loading...
    34. Go Green, Go Wireless
    35. Bill Wi the Science Fi
    36. Burning Desire
    37. My Dog loves your Cat
    38. Three Girls One Router
    39. Do you love me?
    40. No Free WiFi For You 
    41. Your_Dog_Shits_In_My_Yard
    42. Fuc*ing Wifi
    43. Wifi Is Already hacked!

    funny names of wifi pics in mobile
    Mobile Wifi Images

    Harry Potter Wifi Names

    1. Dumbledore's IT Staff
    2. Connect Patronum
    3. Yer A Wifi Harry
    4. Hagrid’s Hut
    5. rIP Hedwig
    6. Common Room Wifi
    7. Squibs Only
    8. Hogwarts Hall of Wifi
    9. Floo Network
    10. Accio Internet

    Latest Good Wifi Names

    1. Titanic Syncing
    2. Whose Car Alarm is That
    3. Untrusted Network
    4. IP a Lot
    5. No Internet Access
    6. Connected
    7. You Fart Pretty Loud
    8. The Internet
    9. Click Here for Wifi
    10. Wham Bam Thank You, LAN
    11. Winter Wonder-land
    12. Router? I Hardly Knew Her
    13. Who Pooped in the Pool
    14. This LAN is Your LAN
    15. Byte Me
    16. Just Move On
    17. Jump on the Bandwidth
    18. Bandwidth for Fun
    19. Not the Wifi You’re Looking For
    20. Get off my LAN
    21. This LAN Is My LAN
    22. I Left the Seat Up
    23. Secured
    24. Not Secured
    25. Definitely Not Wifi
    26. Click Here Start Download
    27. I Now Pronounce You Man and Wifi
    28. If I Had Your Wifi Wouldn’t Need Internet
    29. Escaped Nigerian Prince
    30. Free Public Wifi
    31. Never gonna give you wifi

    Here is even More!

    1. Routy McRouterface
    2. We Were On A Break!
    3. I Believe Wi can Fi
    4. Got Milk?
    5. No Soup For You
    6. Simon Says No Wifi
    7. Missed Connections
    8. VirusFree
    9. Cup of sugar
    10. Do Re Mi Fa So La Wi-Fi
    11. Password is Gullible
    12. You Click, I Pay
    13. Go Go Gadget Internet
    14. ThatDressMakesYouLookFat
    15. Brave Little Router
    16. AOL Dialup
    17. Spread the Wealth
    18. mothers maiden name
    19. Modem Family
    20. Area 51
    21. Cunnilingus
    22. The LAN down under
    23. Herpes-Positive
    24. The Matrix
    25. Capture the Lag
    26. Enter the Dragon’s Wifi
    27. This Space Left Intentionally Blank
    28. Full bars
    29. To Be or not to Be
    30. Try Me
    31. Thanks, Obama
    32. Bedroom Drapes Open Please Watch Us
    33. Vandelay Industries
    34. Inigo the Modem
    35. Recorded for quality and training purposes
    36. That itchy feeling
    37. Your Brain On Drugs
    38. Gone Catfishing
    39. Two Girls One Router
    40. Big Busty Asians
    41. Pretty Fly for a WiFi
    42. Battle of the Bandwidth
    43. Hide you wifi
    44. For Sale Inquire Within
    45. Work Only
    46. Clean your glasses!
    47. o==[]:::::::::::::::::::::::::>
    48. Penny get your own wifi
    49. Shaken not Stirred
    50. Ready to Mingle
    51. Work Hard Play Hard
    52. Connect Automatically
    53. Candy in the Van
    54. Bathroom Cam 2
    55. Cash is king
    56. I’m too sexy for WiFi
    57. NSFW
    58. Upload the main download in Africa
    59. I’m Not A Witch I’m Your Wifi
    60. Changed to Protect the Innocent
    61. My Wife
    62. Scary Sporty Posh Ginger Baby
    63. Drop and give me 20
    64. Close your bathroom curtains
    65. VirusRUs
    66. You’re WiFired!
    67. Password is Password
    68. USA USA USA USA!!

    Star Wars Wifi Names

    1. Forced and Fucked
    2. Forest Moon of Endor
    3. These Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For
    4. A long time ago...
    5. Docking Bay 94
    6. May the Wi-Force Be With You
    7. Jar Jar Linksys
    8. Let the Wifi Win
    9. I am WAN with the Web and the Web is with Me
    10. Luke, I Am Your Wi-Fi

    Indian Wifi Names

    Do you love India? Their lifestyle, their culture, their tradition, you will love this too. These names are enough to bring a smile on any Indian person. A collection of Bollywood wifi SSID names.

    1. Mogambo khush hua.
    2. Use Karne ki Chamta Rakhiye!
    3. Wifi-wali bai.
    4. Are-o-sambha! Kitne aadmi thhe.
    5. Ye Mera Wifi hai re Maamoo.
    6. Kutte Meh tera khun pi jaunga.
    7. Is riste ka kya naam du.
    8. Tumhara naam kya hai basanti.
    9. Bhaag Bhosdi**
    10. Sara shehar mujhe lion ke naam se jaanta hai.
    11. Itna cheed karunga ke vul jaoyge.
    12. Munna bhai zone.
    13. Don’t underestimate the power of a common man.
    14. Hutiya.
    15. Free ka thela.
    16. Mein pehle ek aurat hoon.
    17. Bhaiya All is well.
    18. Greeb ka wifi.
    19. Kaha se ate heh yeh log.
    20. Saas V Kavi baahu thi.
    21. Vimal pan masala zone.
    22. Madarjhat.
    23. Pushpa, I hate tears.
    24. Uu Shaabji.
    25. Aao Raja.
    26. Ladki aur rocket aapko kahin bhi le jaa sakte hain.
    27. Greebo ka SuperMan.
    28. Internet se dar nehi lagta saab.
    29. Hum apke heh kon.

    Disney Wifi Names

    wifi ssid names for disney lovers, images of disneyland
    Wifi Names For Disney Lovers
    Do you Love Disney world? Here is the vast collection of Disney names for your wifi.

    1. Hey hey Guinea
    2. Are you kidding me?
    3. High Speed Max Goof
    4. Allowed OHANA means Internet
    5. Clarabelle Cow
    7. Haunted Lan
    8. Only for Disney Princess
    9. No pass only Mouse
    10. Call Pluto for Pass
    11. Daisy DuckDaisy Duck
    12. Disney Academy
    13. Go for Cartoon
    14. The Wifi on King
    15. Dewey Duck 5Mb/s
    16. Huey WiFi
    17. Alice in Wi-Finland
    18. The Hunted WiFi
    19. I’m a WiFi Finder
    20. Look like FTP
    21. Louie Duck
    22. Make my Router
    23. Pete WiBro
    24. Disney Princess 
    25. Minnie Mouse Wifi zone
    26. Horace Horsecollar
    27. Wifi of Disney
    28. Disney Prince not allowed
    29. Donald Duck’s Lan
    30. Chip ‘n Dale
    31. Disney Lan
    32. no Matter
    33. Clara Cluck Booster
    34. Clarice not Funny
    35. 11 Dalmatians
    36. Charlie is here LANderella
    37. Router Rider
    38. Wow Disney land
    39. Peter Pan’s Wi-Fi
    40. LANtasia
    41. I’m not Goofy
    42. Snow Wi-Fi
    43. The Circle of Wifi

    Cool WiFi Names For Office

    Use these cool wifi names in your office or workplace. As, an average person spends most of the day time in their offices. If your office is large then a  huge no of persons try to connect with your office. Who Knows, Some can be hackers too! Might steal your data. Try with these clever wifi names to entertain your employees. Which makes them more productive.
    1. Work Hard, Not Smart!
    2. it’s Office, not your Home
    3. I’m Your Boss
    4. Net data is Limited
    5. Boss is always Right!
    6. Secured and Protected
    7. 2 Step Verification 2 Connect
    8. I love my work
    9. Tell_My_Wifi_Lover_her
    10. Respect Your Boss
    11. Do your work
    12. Wrong Password
    13. Try to connect
    14. Try Again Later
    15. Come Into My Cabin
    16. All You Need To Is Focus
    17. Available @ $10/Hour
    18. Pay To Enjoy the connection
    19. Look, Mam, No Wires!
    20. Once_See_Back
    21. No Holiday This Sunday
    22. Call me May_be
    23. You Are Fired!
    tell my wifi love her images
    Tell my wifi to love her images

    Nerdy Wifi Names For Cafe

    Nerdy Wifi names for A cafe is a great place to chill and hang out with your friends. On the other hand, their network is also fast strong. Thousands of people come to cafes so to leave a great impression on them. You change your default network name with ours. It will definitely entertain customers.
    1. May I Have Your email?
    2. How much you can spend?
    3. What? Tea? Coffee? or Wifi?
    4. Cafe+Wifi+GF=Good day
    5. You know You are Single
    6. Cafe+Wifi=Time-Pass
    7. Why Don't you try a Hair cut?
    8. Girl Behind you is Awesome!
    9. Cafe+Wi-fi+Friends= Unlimited Enjoy
    10. Fastest Growing Cafe
    11. Anything Else Sir?
    12. Use this connection To rate Us!
    13. Buy A coffee First
    14. This is Cafe Not you Copy
    15. You are at the Right cafe
    16. You have Bright Future.
    17. FBI_Surveillance_Van
    18. It_Burns_When_IP
    19. No Wi-Fi For Customers
    20. Drop it Like a Bomb
    21. Uncle Touchy's Game Time
    22. Cafe will Remain Closed Tomorrow
    23. Out Of Cafe
    24. Out Of Order
    25. Grab this Offer
    26. Today's Coupon is "Coupon Code"
    27. After 1 hr Price will be Doubled
    28. Fast Fast Fast
    29. Where is Your GirlFriend?
    30. Where is your MOM?
    31. Where is your Partner?
    32. No network for strangers.
    33. Order in Your Service Sir
    34. Now order over wifi
    35. Free wifi is not enough?
    36. Buy A drink First?
    37. Don't forget to give tips.
    38. It's a Beautiful evening.
    39. There is 50% OFF tomorrow.
    FBI wifi name pics
    FBI  Surveillance wifi name pics

    Wifi Names of Shops And Hotels

    I have a good collection of hilarious wifi names for shops and hotels. These names are most suitable if own a shop or hotel. It will make customers happy.
    1. Shop is Houseful
    2. Ohh, My Dear Customer!
    3. Out Of Stock
    4. What's Your Wishlist
    5. What's Your Budget
    6. Five-star Hotel
    7. Seven-star Hotel
    8. Shop for Avengers fans
    9. Shop with internet explorer
    10. Our products are Cheaper than Wifi
    11. Wifi Army Champ
    12. No Sound Turn WiFi OFF
    13. restricted Area
    14. Trespassers Will Be Shot Dead!
    15. Your Shower Video is Viral
    16. Everyone Watching You Now
    17. Your Phone Is Now Hacked
    18. Busted!
    19. Wasted!
    20. Slow Net Combination
    21. Network Error Found
    22. Connection Error
    23. Give Me A Wifi Please
    24. This is My Number
    25. Get! Idea Sir Ji
    26. Poor Network Better Service
    27. Protected By US Government
    28. Don't Dare To Connect.
    drop it like a hotspot
    Funny Caption For Wifi

    Clever Wifi Names

    1. 5 Problems 1 Solution
    2. Hire me
    3. Searching...
    4. Your Phone's memory is Too low
    5. Fu*k OFF 
    6. Will you be My GF?
    7. Hi Handsome
    8. I need Money
    9. I need Job
    10. Harbour Land
    11. Keep Calm and Use Wifi
    12. Apna Time Aayega
    13. Keep calm and stay away
    14. Ghantaa!
    15. Fastest Wifi Network
    16. Love To Love It
    17. Pehle Istemal Kre Phir Bishwas Kre
    18. Wifi that Everyone Wants
    19. Not Allowed For Kids
    20. Welcome Aunties
    21. You are Awesome
    22. Available for $5
    23. I loke Cookies
    24. How Much You Love ME?
    25. Show Your Love Over WiFi
    26. Take A Subscription
    27. Subscribe Gadgets360HUB!
    28. Will You Be My Valentine?
    29. Shout Me Loud

    Need For Changing SSID Names

    The market share of wifi is huge. Millions of routers are sold every minute. To make your router different from others. You need to change your default wifi name with our below-given names.
    Tune in guys, What do you feel that just costly bits of gears like iPhone XIsuperbikes and supercars are for showoff? Here you are absolutely wrong. It's our attitude to showoff on everything. So Why not on our WiFi SSID names
    Yet, How to do this? 
    Simply change your SSID name with our provides clever names of wifi. Also, find out which one best suits you? When your hotspot is enabled, you didn't know how many are trying to connect with you. Obsessively, they will not able to connect as your connection is protected.
    At this point, If you want people to notice you then you must use some tricky, funny or shocking wifi names.

    Where You Can Use These Wifi SSID Names?

    Basically, You can find wifi router everywhere:
    • at home
    • in offices
    • in a cafe & restaurants
    • in shops & Hotels
    • in Disco & Bar
    • in schools and colleges
    • And many other places
    A single name will not suit everywhere. Don't take too much load. Gadgets360Hub covers everything. I will provide you with the full bucket of good names of wifi. Thank me later, first let's get started & learn something new.
    will you marry me funny name images
    SSID Names Images

    How To Change Your Wifi Router Name?

    There are several methods for changing the router SSID name. I am Showing the best way to change it easily.

    1. First, You have to log into your router as admin

    Every router has its own software and unique IP address. Follow the below-given methods:
    • Open Command Promot
    • Type ipconfig
    • Find the Wireless Lan adaptor
    • Look For the Default Gateway
    • Now type that IP address in your browsers address bar
    • It will open your login panel
    • Enter the UserName and Password to Log In

    2. Change The Router's SSID Name

    wifi name change images
    SSID Images
    Once you have logged in. You have the full access to your network. You can easily find the navigation bar. In my case, it was on the right side. It can be on left also. Head to the wireless section. Under wireless section find and tap on the wireless settings. Now Enter the funniest message which you have selected. 

    Video Guide On Changing Wifi Router Name 

    A Basic Video Guide From Solve In Web about changing wifi name and password.
    That'all about changing SSID names.

    Tips For Choosing Better Wifi Names

    There few things to keep in my while choose the perfect names for your SSID.
    • Must be unique in your area & Memorable too.
    • You shouldn't use your personal information like name, address, phone, etc as your SSID name.
    • It's very Common, never choose a name that relates or given hint about your password.
    Do you Know? You can hide your wifi from being seen in another device. Want to know how? Read This how to prevent wifi from appearing on other devices?

    Final Words😎

    Hey guys, I want to know which one you picked for yourself. Tell me in comments I am waiting. Share these best wifi names with your friends and family, as everyone uses wifi. Share with them Let them enjoy! Sharing Is Caring.

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