Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers | Hello guys, hope you are doing well. Welcome to the new article on gadgets360hub.In this article, I have shown the collection of must-have best Android apps if you are a blogger of in growing stage of blogging. These apps can help you a lot and save lots of time. You can manage everything from these apps if you don't have a good pc or laptop. It will make blogging more and more comfortable for you and helps to generate extra income from ads also. So without wasting time, let's start here is the list of top 10 apps for bloggers.


Must have android apps for bloggers. One of the most helpful apps if you are using blogger platform. Yes, this app allows you to write your post/blogs directly from your smartphone. The best part is that it very lightweight. This app is less than 3 MB in size. You can directly publish your post. Using blogger app for android you can write articles, save draft, use the image directly from phone gallery. You can use more than one account also. This app is filled with lots of luxurious features and more.


Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers
  Android Apps for Bloggers

This is a beast app in term of blogging for the WordPress platform. This app allows you to publish a post with just a few touches of your thumb. This one is also must have apps featuring same as blogger platform. Capture instant pics and, write articles, share and publish with your smartphone no need of the laptop. Isn't is smooth and amazing, managing blogs from smartphone make you smarter.

03.Google Drive 

This app from Google lets you store all your important files, documents, images, videos. This is a most secure place for all things used in blogging. This comes in the list of best android apps for bloggers 2018. Google drive is entirely free and can store up to 15 GB of data. Use this app to store anything and later you can access it from any device using your Google account.


The writer is writing application made for android apps and come in the list of top 10 apps for mobile blogger. The perfect application for everything related to blogging. This allows you to edited heading tags to the image editing. The perfect a to z  for blogging.

05.Google Analytics

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers
 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers

Again no competition and no comparison of this app. This is the official app form Google LLC and best app for blogging. This app allows you to track all the movements happening on your website/blog. Monitor each and every visitor and time spent and location of each visitor coming on your blog. This app makes your work easier than logging your account in laptop and seeing the result.

06.Google Adsense

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers
Google Adsense for android

Google Adsense is another free application to trace your income and revenue report. This app shows all data which is can be seen on the pc. This is a real-time application that makes it easier to understand. All your income from Admob, Youtube, and blogging can be seen here. This is also top 10 apps.

07.Photo editor 

The photo editor is a standard but handy application for bloggers. In blogging it is highly recommended to use your own images. In case you don't have your own images, you can use any photo editor to edit. Edited pics also gives positive effects on readers. You can you any paid or free version.


Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers
Grammarly app for bloggers

You will be happy to know that this chrome extension is also available as an android app. If you are blogger already know about it. This is highly recommended must have android apps for bloggers.
Grammarly allows you to write a user-friendly article. It cached all your mistakes which you make while writing. It will read and check your article 100th of times while you write. So there is no chance of mistake doing again. If you want proof, You can this article there is not a single mistake related to grammar.

09. Google keep

Capture your thoughts and get things done quickly with just a few touches. Google keep is a handy application for new bloggers and pro bloggers too. Using this app you can store your pics, post, new ideas, or edit them uniquely. Just try it. the name itself says everything. This app covers more than 2,000,000+ word antonyms and synonyms for a particular word. This app is free on google play and top 10 apps for bloggers. You can use this application in blogging or use it to increase your vocabulary.


Hope this article helps you. This was the article about Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers. Please use it if you are a blogger. This will save you time. You may also want to see Great news about grand theft auto 6 release date.

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