How to get more sale on Fiverr | Increase Fiverr revenue by 70% | Freelancer. After visiting famous forums and Q/A platforms I noticed many of them struggling to get their first sale on platforms like Fiverr or freelancer and Upwork. If you are one of them, most welcome here. You are at the right place. Today I am going to share this how to get orders on Fiverr. Not only this I will show you how to boos sale on Fiverr. This will help you to earn your first Gig on Fiverr.
How to get first sale on Fiverr | Increase Fiverr revenue by 70% | Freelancer
 Increase Fiverr revenue by 70% 

You will also learn how to increase Fiverr revenue.

How to get the first sale on Fiverr | Freelancer | Upwork

Fiverr | Freelancer | Upwork these are the some most relaxed place on the internet to earn easy cash. These are the platforms where you invest your precious time to make money online. On the platform like Fiverr | Upwork there are more than 5 Million services available. But the biggest problem is that the numbers of freelancers are more than the no of jobs. So its very competitive to get the first sale.

Getting your first sale is really very difficult for a new player. Because buyers want the best customer service and good rating of freelancers. As you are new how can you get an excellent rating without any job?

By now you can easily understand, where is the actual problem? Keep scrolling your all problems of getting the sale on Fiverr will be solved today. On analyzing the market from different sides I found these tips to get the first sale:

1. Find Good Service:

It's a case of earning money. So it's not going to be easy. First is to invest time in finding what is on trending nowadays. And before that find out in which field you perform well. Fiverr is mostly famous for everything at $5. Top niches on Fiverr are the content writer, graphic designer, logo designer etc.

Mostly new foreign buyers hire freelancers and bloggers to write their content and making short animations and youtube intros etc. The most common guideline that every Gig on fiver begins with that "YOU SHOULDN'T TAKE MORE THAN 15 MINS TO COMPLETE THIS GIG". If any more extended than it means that it is not going to be beneficial.

2.Time for posting Gig:

This time it's easy. Fiverr's new update gives freelancers to create NEW SELLERS action. So without wasting time create a brand new account on Fiverr, and post your first Gig. After posting your first Gig you will be listed there for a few days. This is best Fiverr can do for new freelancers.
Now buyers can easily reach you. But they don't do, why? Keep reading, You will get it.

Now taking an example here

If your Gigs are related to proofreading, writing, analysis etc, then post it on any weekday.
If your Gigs are about drawing, painting, and editing then post it on Friday or Saturday.

These little tricks are mind Games. Newcomers never think about these tips.

3.Images & copy for Gigs

The most common on every trending item is that it's eye-catching. So first is that your image should be eye-catching. This time a creative mind is needed. Creating solid and addictive gigs helps to bring more orders on Fiverr. This can bring you lots of orders but also helps to lose customers.

Designing your profile using any working experience. You can use fake screenshots also. It also attracts buyers.

The old sellers on Fiverr take more time to deliver orders as they are experienced. You can take advantage from here. Deliver your first order in less than 24 hrs. This leaves a positive sign on your profile.

4.Creating Multiple Gigs:

The more number of Gigs you post, the more chances of getting your first order. Posting Gigs on Fiverr free. But this doesn't mean that you go and post around 1000th of Gigs. It has some restriction also. You try to post a large number of Gigs then, You have to buy a paid plan for Fiverr.

Creating multiple Gigs helps a lot. This play a significant role in getting your first order. This trick worked to everyone for getting the first order on Fiverr.
Getting first order is also depends on what buyers want from you and what are you providing them. So it is highly recommended to research first.

5.First Sale of Fiverr:

Congratulation, If you have the real passion, correct skills and patience then by now you have got the first sale. Now after you got the sale it is highly recommended to be loyal with the buyer. Good communication skill is needed in this part of the game.
You have to provide the best services to your first customer. Deliver the order before time and, if he satisfied he will give 5-star rating for sure.

Increase Fiverr revenue by 70%

Now you have everything but you are getting less order. So here are some tips which will increase your Fiverr revenue by 70 %. 
  • You can quickly get someone to hire you.
  • Run some ad campaign from Fiverr or Google Ads.
The above methods are paid. But the results are amazing. So this will be easy.

Now coming on free methods to get an order on Fiverr
  • Do some research on the internet. Contact local companies who are in need of freelancers and provide the best services. Try not to cheat them share your Fiverr link with them.
  • Now if you are content creator or transcriber, you can provide free service to bloggers or youtube. By doing this ask them to share your Fiverr profile on their pages or channels.
  • Gathers emails and send them. Do some email marketing.
These tips are a little hard but work better than paid methods. Forget about money focus on work.


I hope I cleared your doubts. I also hope that now you will not ask about  How to get the first sale on Fiverr | Increase Fiverr revenue by 70%. Any trick to getting the first order from freelancer. The more patience you have the more you go. Be updated with trending topics.

If you don't have Fiverr account, Then You can join Fiverr from here & you will get first 5$ free.

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