OOO Domain Review Yes, I am going to review this domain. OOO domain extension is entirely free for the first year but this offer is expired now. I have shared an honest Dot-triple-O domain. Dot Triple O is new top-level domain{ TLD} from infibeam. Is the OOO domain is a success or failure? And now many people are loving it. I have seen many peoples asking about this new domain. 

    OOO Domain Fully Reviewed

    OOO Domain Review | Dot Triple O Domain | Review buy or not?
    OOO Domain Review | Dot Triple O Domain | Review buy or not?

    Quora the most prominent question and answer platform. Now  It contains 1000th of question like OOO domain real or fake? Will, I able to rank on OOO domain? Will Adsense approve my site on Dot Triple O Domain? The list of these question will never end.

    So, friends, Today  All your question will be answered. All quarry about Dot Triple O Domain will be solved.

    I am doing this review after using it for more than 2 months.

    About Dot Triple O domain

    .OOO Domain is a generic TLD [TOP LEVEL] domain. It is new in the domain name system of the internet. It was introduced in the year 2014, it is managed and operated by Infibeam. Infibeam is an e-commerce company in India targeting other e-commerce website owners. Talking about its structure is that registration at the second level is permitted.
    Dot triple O domain's branding itself says a lot about it, "The power domain". 

    My experience with OOO domain

    After researching a lot and using free for about 2 months I decided to review. And clear all your doubts. I am very excited to share this with you that, this experience shocking result in short span of time. I hope you already know something about Dot-triple-O domain. It will be easy for you to understand.
    How I got this free Domain?
    Well, this was really easy but tricky for me. I have heard about it when the offer was expired in India. But the offer was still available in other countries. I used a VPN to connect with other countries and buy it using the code it provides. It takes 12hrs to come live after purchasing it for free.
    "" This is the domain that I have purchased for free. That is also based on tech. Go and check it working fine now(will expire in Aug 2019).

    My experience with .ooo is really tremendous. And the slogan of this domain is becoming true. Yes, it's a power domain.

    Dot-triple-O domain Review

    Dot-Triple-O is a new domain in the domain industry. The best part is it that, It is giving good competition to its competitors like { .one .net .org .website .com .info etc }. As it was free so it also attracted lots of users and made a good reputation in the industry. 

    This free ooo domain is entirely user-friendly. This stands up with SEO and also visible to other search engines like Yandex, bing, etc. It has its own unique features.

    It was the 12th of July when I started using this domain. I started a new tech blog using that. Link to that blog is given above. At that time I haven't done proper Search engine optimization { SEO }. I continued and I started getting traffic not from Google but also from other search engines also. 
    On the 10th of August, I checked my DA(Domain Authority). It was 7, it was just around 25 days old and I raised my DA to 7. Not only that after 1 month my DA is increased to 12. So you can see OOO domain growth rate at entry level SEO. The result is in front of you, You can judge it by your own. It's not an exception, my other friends who also purchased with me they got a better result because of good SEO.

    Upon Analysing Dot-Triple-O from various prospective I found this:

    1.Clients Service

    Dot OOO is new as compared to other services. I have purchased and used it was working fine with me. I have to say they give fantastic service. I raised a ticket and it took around 40+ days to respond or so!!


    Being available everywhere it has few drawbacks also. Not everyone can reserve it. It is only available on BUY.OOO, popular service providers like GoDaddy or Namecheap doesn't support this. For some users, it is complicated to manage this Dot-Triple-O.


    Everyone wants a secure control panel, but the available panel is not easy to understand. It's very complicated. I watch tutorials to surf that panel.

    4.Search Engine

    In this case, it is a little tricky to understand. Being a new extension, Google is also confused in a few cases. In this case, it is easy to rank and in some case it's impossible. It's my personal experience. If you want to come on the first page then, you have to work hard like other domains.

    5.Long-Term Sustainability

    It is very popular by now, but with a low success rate, it is difficult to predict how many years it could survive. ICANN doesn't support this, but I can't how many years they could keep it up.

    Why others are loving .OOO?

    If you are a technical guy, then you already know how widespread is .OOO? But the question is, why people prefer to use OOO?
    Well, there are many reasons, First is that OOO is a global domain and it is available everywhere around the world. It's entirely global friendly. It's free for the first year but in selected countries. Everyone love free thing.
    The hard truth is that everyone is not loving this. This question just has gone viral.

    Does OOO domain rank fast?

    Mainly ranking depends on your content, keyword, and backlinks. There is nothing to do with domain extension until your keyword is country based. It's a top-level domain, made for ranking globally. It works like (.com) and (.xyz) domains.
    Who knows? It can also be next dot com.
    If you want to rank your blog/site, then kindly focus on writing better content and spending time in its SEO.


    Taking all the possible factors and considerations from above. I didn't think it's positive news of .ooo Domain review. If you planning to buy OOO Domain, then just go for it but only when you are getting for free in offers. Dot Triple O Domain costs around 1800 RS and $25. If you are beginner then go for it.
     For more accurate and honest reviews and unknown gadgets and tech news follow me. Share this with your friends. Keep supporting!
    Thanks for reading.
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