Samsung Infinity Flex Display | Flex Screen - Truth | We will talk about foldable screens and how Samsung's new infinity flex screen really works. What are the problems Samsung faced while working on this flexible screen? Which material they used for this screen and how was the complete experience. I will be sharing my personal opinion on this dual display. According to the marketplace and consumer needs. So let's start.

Flex Screen - Truth | How Foldable Screen Works?
Samsung's First Foldable Smartphone

Flex Screen - Truth | How Foldable Screen Works? | Samsung Infinity Flex Display Explained

While talking about foldable display or a display which can be folded and unfolded many times. A phone or tv which can be rollable. We can keep it in our pockets by rolling. We are listening about these things from 2 to 3 years. But now every mystery is getting solved day by day as the time passes. Recently LG launches it rollable OLED TV and now Samsung revealed its first foldable phone. But did you wonder how a live screen can be folded without breaking or a large screen can be rolled?

A few days ago Samsung announced its folded phone demo. By now you all tech news sites and videos are out telling about the flex screen. What challenges they faced while working on the flex screen?
How Foldable Screen Works? | Infinity Flex Display Explained
How Foldable Screen Works? | Infinity Flex Display Explained

The Real Challenge for Screen Developers

We know that all screens are made up Glass which can't be folded. If you try to fold they will break. So this was the real challenge for them, that is to invent a screen which is strong light and that can be folded many times without breaking.

So after researching for years, Samsung founded a polymer which was strong light stretchable and then they used it make to flex screens. Now the problem is not solved yet. Now they discovered an adhesive which was used to fix it with phone body.

Now you ask why use adhesive? Because in regular smartphones a screw is used to attach the screen but in this case, it can be used. A screw will break the screen while folding. The screen will be a little stretched from both the sides while folding so using adhesive in place of the screw was the only solution to it.
Take an example to better understand: When you try to put the cover on any copy or book.  Sometimes due to wrong covering, cover gets damaged while opening your copy or book.

In the launch, event CEO revealed the smartphone. we can clearly see that it very thick when folded. It's not the final product it's just a demo a better version is yet to come. Currently,  mass production is going on of this phone/tablet. Now it's not sale after 6 months or a year this can be available for sale and then everyone can buy it. But what about is price and features?

A Unique feature of Samsung foldable phone

Picture of foldable phone in hand
Hands On Display
In the event, we can see a thick phone which is openable from sides and it becomes a tablet when opened. This phone will work little differently from others because of multi-window. There are three screens. i.e. 1st screen is the unfoldable and 2nd 3rd which is foldable which works as a tablet. 

This makes multi-tasking easier and more manageable. The real feature is that you can work with many application simultaneously, not like that we use in standard Android. Working simultaneously means writing with both hands at the same time. 

A new version of Android will be developed or another update of Android will come for this flexible phone. As current Android software can't be used in this flexible smartphone. Google is also working on such software to make work easier. So no doubt soon we will able to see a new Android version which will work correctly on these phones.

Price of flexible phones

Coming directly to the point, if you are the thing that this smartphone will cost hardly around 12k to 20k in INR then you are wrong. According to Gadgets360hub if you want to buy this phone you have to pay around 70k to 80k in Indian currency [INR] or even more. Because it's an entirely new concept and very different from others. Samsung hasn't revealed it's official features and price yet.

Cons for Samsung Infinity Flex Display:

Currently, there is only one thing that is revealed that is its brightness. Its brightness is decreased due to its foldable feature. Many of you did not notice this go and recheck the video. It's also launched in the dark so that it can be more visible to its audience. But no need to worry fans it's not the final product.

Conclusion for Infinity Flex Display Smartphone from Samsung

Coming on its final point Gadgets360hub can only say that, first this is going to be more costly and price can be compared with an iPhone price. So everyone will not able to afford. The second thing is that this is very fancy and Samsung fans are crazy about it. But on the daily basis, This foldable smartphone is not much of use of this in real life for ordinary persons. The idea and innovation is really great and we feel good to see and use it. So that's all I can say and I am eagerly waiting for its final product. This was all about Flex Screen till now.

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