What is Google Dorks? How to use it properly? Every internet User Must know and Use! | Well by now we all know that Google is world's no.1 search engine and almost each and every internet user knows about Google but do you have any idea about google dorks it's also known as Google hacking. Then you must know if you are a computer or net geek. So Hello guys, I am an anonymous author at gadgets360hub. In this article, I have explained details about google dorks. 
Google Dorks | How to Use and Importance | Why You Should Use?

Google Dorks | Use and Importance | Why You Should Use?

When we search for something online. We directly go to google.com and write our quarry or keyword in the search box. And while writing it shows the matching keyword which also helps us to find our result. Now in 2018 Google's AI is so smart that it shows the direct and desired result. But in some cases or searches, we are not able to find the exact result or we didn't get the file required file which we want to download. And many times it shows such results which actually we don't need. 
Later we end up with going through multiple web pages and wasting time and. As every problem have its own solution. Here Google dork is the solution. 
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What is Google Dork?

Google dork is a quarry or you can say an advanced search operator which makes your search easy. If you want to take the exact and desired result or exact files or secured information. You can find them all in seconds using this technique. In simple language, It's an advance searching technique where we use few search operator of Google to get the desired result. Here is the list of titles which can be used:
Google Dorks | How to use and Importance | Why You Should Use?
Advanced Search Operators

How to use Google Dorks?

A word or operator which one uses before your standard keyword. 
For example: If You want to find all the URLs which contains the word "zohosites" in it. Usually What You will do? You will go and type " All URLs with zohosites ". A Big NO! You will not get actual results if you use that keyword. Instead of this, You can type this in the search box "inurl: zohosites" This will find the exact URLs which contain the words zohosites in it. This is how this works. Not only URLs but also text, images, files, and other relevant documents. You can find them all very quickly. See a live demo in the below-given image.
How to use and Importance
Dork Search Results Demo

Importance of Google Dorks

  1. It saves you time and brings you the actual results without hustle.
  2. This is also known as Google hacking.
  3. You can easily find out the security issue or any loopholes on a particular website.
  4. Using this method you can find hidden information of few sites which google didn't show in a standard search result.
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Cons of Google Dorks

There is no doubt that this is helpful but there are a few cons also. There are few computer geeks, hackers or some professionals which they use this technique in illegal works. Websites which are less secured can easily find out can be accessed by hackers. Your web directory can also be found and accessed.

Conclusion On Google Dorks 

So by now, you can understand that what is the importance of google dork? You can find unlimited and unseen pieces of information can easily. Google hacking involves using advanced or high-level operators in the Google search engine to locate exact strings of text within search results. Some of the more famous examples are finding specific versions of vulnerable Web applications. I hope you like this article and you already know knowledge can also be increased by sharing. So I shared this knowledge with you now it's your turn share this with your friends and make their search easy.

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