IMVU 3D Avatar MOD APK Unlimited Credits Money

    IMVU Mod Apk Download

    IMVU Mod APK is a 3D avatar-based social experience with the largest 3D world and catalog to customize your look and meet new people.

    Chat with friends, roleplay and join a virtual world with millions of others for free!

    IMVU is a virtual world simulator game and social chat created by IMVU inc. Also, have a look at proxy sites for school.

    More than a life simulation, it’s a virtual life unto itself, where you can enter a 3D world with your avatar and choose your life as you want it to be.

    Customize a 3D avatar, personalize your own animated emoji and message friends! Your dream life, love life, and virtual life await in IMVU! Download IMVU MOD APK Unlimited Credits Money.

    IMVU Mod Apk Table
    Property Features
    Name IMVU MOD
    Size 42.2 MB
    Category Entertainment
    Last Updated Today

    What's New In This IMVU APK?

    • Chat and make new friends
    • Customize your 3d Avatar
    • Shop the latest fashion
    • Meet your special someone
    • More friends, More fun!


    • - Choose your life and customize yourself.
    • - 3D avatar creator lets you design yourself from top to bottom.
    • - Role plays your virtual life however you desire - get weird, get wild, it’s all you!

    - Avatar looks can change to match your style - shop without limits!
    Download and install the latest version of IMVU 3D Avatar MOD APK for android smartphones.


    - Chat with friends from all over the world!
    - Chat lobby lets you connect with players near and far.
    - Avatar chat gives you full conversations that are more than instant messages.


    - Chat with friends using your personal animated WithMoji.
    - Online social game for you and your friends to enjoy.


    - The avatar life is your life, make it what you want it to be!
    - Want a love story? IMVU can be a dating simulator for your avatar’s love life.
    - Roleplay and chat with friends to create an amazing story.


    - While chatting, you can pose, add filters, and post photos to get people talking.
    - Virtual chat with a range of emotes, emoji and functions

    Your virtual world and virtual life await in the IMVU free app! Join today and make your avatar!

    For 3D avatar chat rooms on older devices, please follow the steps below. Please keep in mind that your experience may not be optimal.

    • Tap the main navigator in the top left corner
    • Tap Graphics Options
    • Tap “Full 3D”

    Then enter your favorite chat room and experience 3D!

    Download IMVU Mod APK

    Click here to go to the download IMVU MOD.
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    IMVU MOD APK Reviews

    IMVU mod apk has a good rating of 4.1/5. However, here are reviews from the users, it is picked from google play.

    USER 1: 

    I actually really love this game, but a lot of people are very rude to noobs, and call them ugly.
    And a lot of people are catfishing with other peoples pictures, then a lot of the people on IMVU are kids. And there are child predators, I'm 16 years old and this "50" year old guy asked If I could date him, and he told me to give my number to him, like?
    I reported him, and the IMVU staff thought I was joking, very rude.

    USER 2:

    It's a very good app... it's really fun ... BUT! I want to delete my account.. but I can't find the button for it... is there one? 
    where is it? 
    We will never know... And the only way to make money is to buy it if I try to earn it... it says "no offers available".
    It gets super annoying when you want to buy something and you cant so you have to tell people to get it for you... 
    Please make it easier to get credits and please tell me where I delete my account kind regards- Patricija Plytnikaite 💙. Download IMVU 3D Avatar MOD APK Unlimited Credits Money.