DiskDigger Photo Recovery App 2020: Hi, guys, today I am going to provide you with the latest version of disk digger, i.e. disk digger pro apk.
The disk digger pro is one of the best and free photos and file recovery app in the market. Using this photo recovery tool you can undelete not only pics but also, videos, files, and other documents.
In this post, I have given the links to download the latest version of the disk digger pro file recovery apk and mentioned some of its features.
Before you start the download, don't forget to check out the requirements and permissions to run the disk digger mod in the Android device.
Also, I am going to show you the way how I recovered my 2020+ pics and PDF files using disk digger file recovery apk and How you can undelete your pics and files?
So, let's dive right in.

Disk Digger Pro APK (File Recovery App)

Disk Digger Pro APK is a tool made for Android devices which helps you recover your all data from smartphone-like pics, files, videos, and other documents.
Basically, this app uses your cache and thumbnails to scan your device, after scanning, it brings out all the deleted items and you can restore them using the disk digger photo recovery app.
Diskdigger Pro apk file recover app for android Download
If you don't have more space in your smartphone then, disk digger pro allows you to upload the recovered items directly to your google drive, dropbox or send them via mail.
This app also scans your whole Smartphone and pick out the junk files to free up some space. To enjoy all the amazing features in your phone all you need to do is download the disk digger file recovery apk which is free for Android.

Features Of Disk Digger Photo Recovery (MOD)

This photo recovery app has got some ultimate features that are mentioned below. This shows what's more you can do using the disk digger pro apk.
  1. Recovers all types of files.
  2. No root.
  3. Runs without root access.
  4. Support of Google drive.
  5. Instant recover photos & videos.
  6. Clean Up button to clean junk files.
  7. Wipe Free Space to delete hidden files.
  8. Permanently delete option.
  9. Recovery in high resolution.

Disk Digger Pro Apk Mod Free Download

Diskdigger is a free photo recovery tool. So, you don't have to pay anything for this app. To download the diskdigger pro file recovery apk, click on the below-given links.
App NameDiskDigger Pro APK (Photo Recovery)
Size2.5 MB
AuthorDefiant Technologies, LLC
Google PlayNot Available
Last Updated2019-09-29

Requirements & Permissions To Run DiskDigger Pro

Like other apps, this app has its minimum requirements to run this software on Android devices. They are mentioned below.
Did I need root access to run disk digger?
No, to run this app, you don't need root. But, If you are doing a limited scan then you don't need rooted phones. But, If you want to perform a full scan then you must use disk digger pro photo recovery apk on a rooted smartphone.
  • Minimum Android version: 4.0
  • Free Space: 256 MB
  • Root required: No, In some cases Yes!

Permissions Required To Run Disk Digger Pro File Recovery Apk

  • Read the SD card.
  • Modify, change and delete the content on the SD card.
  • Have full network access.
  • Prevent phone from sleeping.

How To Recover Files Using Disk Digger Pro in Android?

By now, we all know that disk digger is used to recover deleted images. So, the question arises, How to recover files using the disk digger photo recovery app?
The answer is short straightforward, all you need to do is follow the below-given instructions.
  1. Firstly, you have to download the disk digger pro apk from our site.
  2. Install it in Android and launch the app. It will ask for a few permissions - simply allow it.
  3. After opening, you will see something like this.
    recover pics using disk digger pro apk
  4. To recover photos click on "Start Basic Scan". It will work without root access.
  5. Now it will start recovering and you find some of your old deleted pics, as seen in the image below.
    Disk digger pro File Recovery APK Download
  6. Just select the images and tap on the Recover button.
    diskdigger pro photo Recovery APK Download
  7. Now you see the option to save the images, just select location and save it.
This is how it works. It recovers all the documents and pics in no time. Go ahead and download the free disk digger apk.


Download the Disk digger photo recovery app to recover deleted photos, images, videos, and files as soon as possible. However, this app is free to install from Google play. But, if you need to download diskdigger pro file recovery apk for free then head to the above-given link and start to download the free disk digger photo recovery app for Android.
Also, say about this your friends. Use the share button to share this article and recover their pics and documents too.
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