The Los Angles auto show is coming and it will take place between November 30 and December 9. Yes, in Los Angles - California. I know that you are also excited to know that that what new will be there? I love concept cars, do you? What type of cars will be shown in la auto show? These types of question arise while thinking about the la auto show. So hello guys, I am HKR an author at gadgets360hub. And today I am going to present the top electric cars which can be expected in the La Auto Show- California

BMW vision iNext
BMW vision iNext

Top Electric Cars To Expect in 2019 [LA AUTO SHOW]

Here the list of top electric cars which can be expected at the show in California. 


audi e tron gt
Audi E Tron GT

Charge Only 5 Mins to cover 100 km. In view of the first Audi e-Tron Quattro electric SUV, the new e-Tron GT will be Audi's mascot for smooth execution electric vehicles until the point. When it achieves creation in 2020. It shares its 800-volt accusing design of the Porsche Taycan to include around 🔥100 kilometers🔥 of range in a five-minute charge. The German car manufacturers tweeted a tweet prodding the vehicle's appearance in the show at California.


This isn't only an expansion to the BMW i3 and i8 car that was launched four years ago. This is the next level of BMW car generation. The BMW Vision iNext is a stage forward from that. 
BMW iNext vision images
BMW iNext Vision 
As per BMW, the Vision iNext 
marks the dawn of a new era in driving pleasure
It's said to have a driving scope of 🔥600 kilometers🔥. It has double engines that can drive it from 0 to 100 kilometers in less than four seconds.


byton k byte automatic car images
Byton K Byte

One of the finest concept car from the Byton. It's a Chinese car manufacturing company and this model is the 2nd concept car from Byton.
But What Makes it different from others? 
This concept car can drive anywhere by itself with the help of rich lidar sensors on its body. It has lots of rich features which makes which brings it in the top list.


top electric suvs, Rivian r1t and r1s
Rivian R1T and R1T
American electric-vehicle startup Rivian flaunted the R1T, a beast pickup, and the R1S. Which is a seven-seater SUV a couple of days before the beginning of the 2018 LA Auto Show. They both come with 180 KWH mega pack. Both R1T And R1S can travel a distance of  🔥640KM🔥 on a single charge. The four engines generates and deliver 197 torque, bringing the aggregate catalyst to 754 pull through the gearbox. The two models highlight rough terrain ability. If you are interested to know more about SUVs here is the link to jeep gladiator 2020.


recent electric cars 2019 toyota
Toyota Prius AWD-E
Toyota is now teasing another version that can drive on all its fours. Called the Prius AWD-e. This new model of Toyota uses an extra motor at the back to power rear wheels. It will likewise return to utilizing a nickel-metal hydride battery. So it can convey better cool climate execution. It's required to go marked down in the US one year from now.

Conclusion on Top electric cars 

Top electric cars | Los Angles Auto Show | So friends, this was just a demo and short intro regarding the future of electric vehicles and SUVs. These cars and SUVs can give better competition to the other hybrid vehicles. They are entirely eco-friendly in nature which is plus point for them. Now let's see At what price they come in the market? 
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