How to add facebook chatbot to a website? Nowadays Every second site can be found using the chatbots to attract peoples. This method also works and many visitors think its real and spend more time chatting. So hi guys, I am HKR. An author at gadgets360hub. And today in this article I am going to show, how you can add a facebook chatbot in any website or in your blog? Adding a facebook chatbot on a website is very easy and straightforward. To understand the full process keep reading. Do not skip any part or you will not get it.
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How to Add Facebook Chatbot in a Website or Blog

Do you need coding to install facebook chatbots?


This process is straightforward. You didn't require any coding skills to install the FB chatbots. To install this live chatbot you only need to do a few things step by step.

Facebook app developers tool provides you with lots of plugins and extension for free. Comment plugins and social share are the perfect examples to that. Leaving all other plugins behinds there is also a plugin which helps you interact with your customers or visitors directly without disturbing you. This makes your work easier. If someone tries to chat with your chatbots then messages will go directly in your FB inbox. Later you can check and communicate furthermore.

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Why you should use FB messenger Plugin?

If you want to grow your business or blog, then this is the first option used by digital marketers. It makes you in touch with your customers live 24*7 even when you are not using your phone. You have visited too many sites and on some sites, you can find the blue icon at the bottom corner in the left or right of the webpage. That's the FB chatbot. That icon is known as facebook customer chat plugin. When any user will click on that he will able to contact you directly via FB.

How to create FB ChatBot 🤖?

Facebook customer chat plugin also is known as FB chatbot. There are two steps to install this plugin on your site. You can add it manually and automatically. If you choose manually then you need coding and lots of skills. But I assume that you don't know, how to code? So here I will show you how to add automatically and it's a simple and most straightforward way to add FB chatbots.

How to install Facebook Messanger Bot? ⚙

Automatically installing this contains two methods. The first option you can use is manychat and secondary via facebook customer chat plugin. 

Step 1: First Go to manychat and create a brand new account. 

Step 2: You will be redirected to your dashboard after the creation of your account.

Step 3: Now click on growth tools tab.

gudie to install manychat
A guide to installing manychat {Growth Tool}
Step 4: Now in the upper right corner you can see the NEW GROWTH TOOL click on that and after that, you will be asked to enter the widget name. simple scroll below and select customer chat option.

install manychat customer chat
Click on customer chat

Step 5: If you want to replace the default chat header then you can do it by renaming growth tool to live chat. Click on save icon.

Step 6: Choose your desired language according to your blog.

Step 7: After doing all this, Click on next button and leave visibility setting to blank.

Step 8: Now choose a color option which is matching with your blog.

Step 9: Now write your best greeting message. The best greeting message helps you a lot in engaging your visitors with your post. It also helps them to find what they are searching for? So write an attractive message.

Step 10: Now in the next comes facebook live chat widget option, You have to choose your platform. If you want to show the chatbox on the desktop then select desktop. And if you want to show it on mobile devices then select mobile. You can choose both as well [recommended].

Step 11: This is the last and final step, it's important too! Here in this, you will get a draft and active toggle button. You have to click on them to activate your FB live chatbot. 

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How to link your website with Manychat to Activate FB chatbots? 🔗

Note: All steps are given below, you proceed after completion of above-given steps.

Step 1: To Install JavaScript Snippet in your website or blog then click on the blue button.

Step 2: Click on set-up your website here you will be asked to enter the URL of your website/blog.

Step 3: After entering your URL, You will get a javascript code. You have to copy the code and paste the code under the <head> of your blog/website's HTML code.

add facebook chatbots in a blog
Head section of your blog

Step 4: Same thing you can do if you are using WordPress. In the case of WordPress, you can directly install the plugin. Now paste the code in that plugin and your FB chatbot will be activated.

Here is Full Video 📹 Guide In case You didn't Understand. Feel free to use this video.


After doing all the above steps, Refresh your site and that chatbot will appear in the corner of your site page. If you want to install this chatbot directly from Facebook developers tool then, You can install Customer chat Plugin beta. This process is most natural amongst all.

Manychat and Official Facebook chatbot, both have the same features and ways of installing are also same. Now you decide which one you want to install?

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