New Inventions of Technology | Some Mind Blowing Technologies Available To Us By 2025. Hello folks, I am HKR. An author at Almost everyone is interested in technology and wanted to know more about these new inventions of technology. So in today's article, we are going to reveal such technologies which are available for us to use by the year 2025-30.
New Inventions of Technology, laptop, laptop in air
New Inventions of Technology by 2025

New Inventions of Technology | Some Mind Blowing Technologies By 2025

Here is the list of all that changes and updates in the field of inventions available to us by 2025.

Drinkable Ocean Water (Desalination)

Drinkable Ocean Water (Desalination)
We may be able to use the residual heat from photovoltaic cells to remove the salt from seawaterAs indicated by specialists, the developing freshwater deficiency could be secured utilizing this innovation by 2020. Enormous concentrated sun oriented power plants (CSP's) will turn out to be extremely regular over the globe. And will give consumable water even to regions where it is as of now inaccessible.

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Bio-Technology [Bionic Hand controlled by brain signals]

It does allow people without the use of fingers to have multi-function hands that can pick up and handle and deliver objects. It is entirely controlled by the brain and requires no surgery.

Military Autonomous Robots

new military robots
New military Robots
As startling as this idea may be, it is ensured. In spite of dissents against the possibility of executioner robots that require no human effort. Military pioneers would dependably be like to save the passing of a human life. We might one be able to day be taking a gander at a weapons contest that incorporates these machines. Also Read about: Top electric cars.

Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistants

Smart AI Images
Smart AI
We have seen early instances of this innovation as Microsoft's Clippy and Apple's Siri. In any case, in future, the advancement of these AI's could imply that we could have individual partners that will be redone to our requirements. It will convey and comprehend our characteristics. These AI's could even have a specific level of general knowledge that will enable us to have discussions with them.

Artificial Trees

Evolving technology could make cleaning the air more profitable than fouling it, say Columbia University Earth Institute scientists and a University carbon markets expert.

Real trees are forced to work harder as more carbon is released into the atmosphere. Technology could share the load. Artificial Trees helps to pull CO2 out of the air is unlikely to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations soon.

Weather Prediction and Weather Control

New satellites, high tech measuring equipment and improving supercomputers are helping scientists and researchers learn more about the weather patterns of the earth. By mid-century, you can expect more accurate weather predictions and eventually, controlling the weather itself.
A far better use of weather modification would be if we could someday prevent hurricanes from ever reaching land. That would be a future to behold.

Revolving Tower in Dubai

While Dubai is currently known for it’s a ridiculous extravagance. Developers in the region are building a tower that has fancy and efficient applications.
Revolving Tower in Dubai
Revolving Tower Dubai
This most beautiful structure is going to be made of 59 independently rotating modules/floors. So that consumers will have a constantly shifting view of the Dubai world. Each and every single floor will rotate at approximately 6 meters per minute so that the consumers will not able to notice the movement. The independent rotations will also give the building an ever-changing exterior that can warp into very intricate designs.
All of that aesthetic stuff is great and all, but the real innovation comes from the wind turbines built in between each floor. This results in pollution-free energy will be enough to power the tower and several buildings in the surrounding area. 

Just Wow.

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