WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication Update: Now Prevent Others From Reading Your Chats. Yes, you read it right. Now WhatsApp is working on Fingerprint Authentication for Chats on Android devices. A recent report says that now Fingerprint Authentication is required for users to open the app. Currently, This feature is under development and it can be the next big update for WhatsApp users. The most significant advantage is that it will protect not only conversations but also your entire app.

BIG WHATSAPP UPDATE: WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock Feature 

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Facebook-claimed WhatsApp is currently chipping away at a unique finger impression. The primary motive of this update is to protect its client's chats from being seen by others. The confirmation, once empowered, will be required for users to open the application.

As per WABetaInfo, a fan site that tests new WhatsApp includes early. The update is presently being worked on. And crippled of course in the Android 2.19.3 beta adaptation.

"After attempting to actualize Face ID and Touch ID includes on iOS (that aren't accessible yet for other reasons). WhatsApp has at long last begun to chip away at the Authentication highlight on Android, utilizing your Fingerprint!" said the report on Tuesday.

How To Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock?

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How to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock
Pic Credit: WABetaInfo

Note: This option is available only on the Updated App.

Fingerprint authentication feature can be Accessed from within the WhatsApp itself. You can easily find this feature in the settings. As seen in the above image. If you can't open then follow the given Route to access this feature. WhatsApp>Settings>Account>Privacy.

Once when you turn on these settings then, WhatsApp will be completed protected from others to be seen. Obviously, if your smartphone is as of now ensured by a verification technique, it's somewhat repetitive. 

"The client should validate his personality to open WhatsApp (from the application symbol, from the notice or from outside pickers). It will ensure the whole application, so it's not used to bolt explicit discussions," the report said. 

This new fingerprint lock feature of WhatsApp would be accessible in the future for every Android user (and later for iOS users as well). If you have Android Marshmallow and more up to date working frameworks and a unique finger impression sensor.

That's all for today. Later we will talk about it when it will be available.

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