Bezel Less Design, Pop Out Camera and Many More leaks in One Plus 7 The OnePlus 6T's half-year life cycle will reach an end in March/April of 2k19. Which implies it's nearly time for the OnePlus 7 to dispatch. We realize that this year, OnePlus will discharge a 5G support gadget bearing the Snapdragon 855 chipset. However, it is as yet mystery if that will be a piece of the OnePlus 7 lineup or on the off chance that it will be a different arrangement out and out. For the time being, not in any case, the name of the following OnePlus lead is affirmed. Yet, another release that has surfaced on slash-leaks cases to demonstrate the upcoming smartphone OnePlus 7, close by the OnePlus 6T. 
new one plus 7 image, leaked one plus 7 image
New one plus 7 images & Leaked one plus 7 image

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In the release, the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 6T are set the front side up. Which was next to each other and the distinction in the showcase configuration is unmistakably obvious. The Alleged OnePlus 7 can be seen with no bezels or camera patterns at all. This prompts hypothesis that the OnePlus 7 will include either a slide-out system to raise the front camera setup (like the Mi Mix 3) or spring up a setup like the Vivo Nex

Further, the break demonstrates that the OnePlus 7 has a red shaded ready slider on the right side of the display over the power catch. This is like the situating on the OnePlus 6T, lending greater validity to the hole. 

Since the OnePlus 7 found in the spilled picture is for a situation. It is impossible to expect to tell how front camera system will work? Yet, the case itself highlights two patterns finish everything, perhaps for the front camera setup to slide or fly out and fill the unfilled spaces. 

Software on this new one plus 7 has an ordinary Oxygen OS feel to it. Yet it is perhaps the most effortless thing to counterfeit in a photo. Keep in mind, this is the first leak of the OnePlus 7 or what could be the following OnePlus leader cell phone. So do take it with a spot of salt. Be that as it may, given structure inclines on cell phones this year, we could in all likelihood be gazing at the bezel-less eventual fate of OnePlus gadgets.

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