Turbo VPN for Pc | VPNs is one of the high in demand softwares for pc and android apps. Till now we used turbo vpn in our smartphones. As the demand is increasing then, our user wants to use the turbo vpn for pc. For the users who don't know about this softwareTurbo VPN is an entirely free virtual private network client which offers free VPN proxy. It also provides the chance of blocking any sites or Android applications. Also, Download Facebook messenger dark mode from here.
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Turbo VPN For PC FREE Download

UPDATE FROM WINDOWS: We are very sorry to inform you that currently there is no such software for windows platform. Turbo VPN is made for android only. 
But Wait! Here on gadgets360hub, I will show you how to use that android version of Turbo vpn in your PC. The method I am going to show you is very interesting and straightforward. It's very easy to learn and install in your PC or Laptop. The best part is that it doesn't matter any windows version you are using.

Requirement For Installation:

What you need to install the vpn? 
You need to install a few free software in your PC/Laptop. The links are also given below. You have to download An android emulator "Bluestacks" and Real apk file for installation.

How to Install & Use turbo Vpn in your PC?

The installation process is very easy and straightforward. To use the app on any windows platform you have follow and applied the below-given methods.

Your first task is to install that BlueStacks application in your windows. 
  • Just open the downloaded files.
  • Find & Click on Setup Icon.
  • A popup window will appear and Select the location of installation.
  • After accepting its terms and conditions. Click on Install Now.
  • Wait For the installation to complete. This process will take a little time.
  • Below here is what you will see after successful installation. This is the homepage of BlueStacks. You can see there are a few apps installed.
BlueStacks menu image
BlueStacks Menu Image
Now you have successfully installed BlueStacks on your laptop or PC. Open the software which you have just installed i.e. Emulator. To use vpn on windows use the methods below:
  • Getting an android emulator is just like getting a new smartphone. 
  • On that, you have to set up a new Gmail account. Or you can also use the existing ones.
  • Now Open google play store in android emulator.
  • Search for the desired application.
  • Install the Turbo Vpn From There. Or you can also install the vpn using the apk files which you have downloaded before.
  • Just a simple click needed for the installation.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Now launch the application and use it as you use it on your smartphone.
  • Find a dedicated server with a full network.
  • If you connect it with any server. 
  • Your Whole Pc will be connected through it.
That's all You are done. 
Now try turbo VPN for Android.

How to Check That Your You Are Connected?

This process is also very easy. Before connecting to any server, search on google what is my IP? Google will show your real IP and location.
After getting connected search in google again "What is my IP?".Now You will see different IP and location. Yes, that will be changed. If it shows the same result then it means, you are not connected yet.

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Why Use a VPN?

Want more security and anonymity while surfing the web? Then this is for you. A virtual private network, With Turbo VPN you will have more security and privacy at the time of browsing the internet. Turbo VPN provides a powerful stable connection with any country server which is very helpful nowadays.

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So, folks, this is all about downloading turbo VPN for pc. Hope you are securely connected to any dedicated server on your desired location. If any error or problem arises while getting connected then feel free to use the comments section. Ask whatever you want to ask in comments regarding these problems.
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