SpeedFan 4.52 Latest Version Download For Windows 10 (64bit)


    SpeedFan is a hardware monitoring software that is able to change fan speeds according to system temperatures. SpeedFan can read S.M.A.R.T. values (and temperatures) from your hard disks and change the FSB speed.
    This SpeedFan is completely free to download and use for windows all versions.

    Technical Info About SpeedFan

    App NameSpeedFan
    Size2.9 MB
    Versionv4.52 (Latest)
    FeaturesAlfredo Milani-Comparetti
    OS Windows ME,XP,2000,2003,7,8, and 10

    Download SpeedFan For Your PC

    Here is the link to download SpeedFan for your pc. Congrats, SpeedFan 4.52 Final is now online! You are going to download the latest version of SpeedFan i.e. v4.52.

    Features Of SpeedFan

    It has lots of exciting features for our tech guys. SpeedFan has the ability to read voltages, fan speeds, and temperatures in computers with hardware monitor chips.
    It can access temperature sensors on your motherboard and your Nvidia card.
    1. SpeedFan can read different temperature changes every second in your CPU. 
    2. If there are additional fans attached to your PC, you can monitor and control their speed to maintain a proper airflow inside your cabinet.
    3. You can see the voltage of your system's hardware.
    4. SpeedFan can even access S.M.A.R.T. info from your hard disk and show the live temperatures.
    5. If you love to lay with your system, then using SpeedFan you can change the FSB also.

    What's New in v4.52?

    • added full IPMI support
    • added full support for IT IT8771E
    • added full support for Intel Sunrise Point (Z170) SMBus
    • added full support for STMicro STTS2004
    • added full support for NCT6793D
    • added full support for Giantec GT34TS04 and GT34TS02
    • added support for Atom E3800 SMBus
    • added support for Atom C2000 SMBus
    • added support for Fintek F71878A/F71868A at non-standard addresses
    • enabled SMBus on Intel 6 Series / C20x if needed
    • fixed SCSI_PASS_THROUGH access on some systems
    • skipped accessing those hard disks that return the ID Sector from another disk
    • fixed Nuvoton NCT6791D and NCT6792D sixth fan readings
    • added support for alternate registers of NCT6793D
    • fixed German translation for CPU Usage

    Install & Use SpeedFan On Windows 10

    SpeedFan is a virus-free utility tool made for Windows users. It is very easy to download and install on your pc. Follow the given steps below.
    1. Download the speedfan.exe file from this site. (click on the start download button).
    2. Run the setup file, accept the agreement, and set the location to begin the installation process.
    3. Select the install directory and click on the install button.
    4. It will get installed in few seconds.

    How To Use SpeedFan 4.52?

    A launch icon will be automatically created upon successful installation. Just double on the CPU fan icon to run the program. Sometimes, you need to run as administrator to this application. Because it will be going to check your system hardware data.
    Have a look at the image i.e. screenshot of working SpeedFan software in windows 10.

    speedfan running screenshot
    SpeedFan Running on Windows 10

    You can see this in the above image. All your hardware data is being shown. 

    Video Tutorial For Installing Speedfan

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