MediaTek Deca core explained | Deca core vs Octa core Which one is better? After visiting lots of forums and q&a platform, I found that many are asking about these set of processors. So, guys, this is today's topic. Today we are going to answer all the questions related to Deca core vs Octa-core vs quad core. Should you buy a Deca core smartphone? Or Octa core can handle everything easily? There is a lot of unanswered questions. If you are searching for these, then your problem is solved. So keeping reading, today you will know complete detail about these MediaTek tools
After this article, you don't have to ask which MediaTek processor is better? Or which should I buy Deca, Octa, Quad or Hexa?
MediaTek Deca core explained | Deca core vs Octa core vs Quad core
MediaTek Deca core explained | Deca core vs Octa core vs Quad core

MediaTek Deca core explained

While buying a new smartphone or laptop, 90% of users first ask about its processors and performance. From 1st/single core to Deca core, processors are becoming smart & better day by day. When we here about Deca core, First comes in our mind is MediaTek Helio X20 chipset. Now with this chipset, many developers are planning to launch new smartphones and laptops.

Working of MediaTek Deca core processor

MediaTek MT6797 Helio X20 is a Deca core processor. When it analyzed, it is found that Deca core processor consists of two octa core and single dual-core. Combining it all together makes a Deca core chipset, which has a total of 10 cores.
Its set initially of four Cortex A53 centers is relied upon to manage every single fundamental capacity. The other arrangement of all the more ground-breaking four Cortex A53 centers will be brought in for obligation. When performing additionally requesting errands. The staying two Cortex A72 centers will be doled out to manage the top of the line undertakings like 3D photography or 4K video shooting. 

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Performance of Deca core Processors

If we need good performance then obviously we need processors with proper frequency and more no. of cores. Having a robust processor make your device super fast. Few people think that the more no of cores, the more powerful processor is. But wait they are right but wrong also
For example, a quad-center processor combined with 2GB of RAM will be quicker contrasted than an octa-center processor matched with 1GB of RAM. The execution changes from chipsets to chipsets. Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets are better than MediaTek. Likewise, contrasts are noted in the execution of chipsets by Exynos, Intel, and Spreadtrum.

Need for Deca core Processors

Do we need Deca core processors? A Deca core uses all 10 core to complete a single task so it will give better performance when paired with decent RAM. Deca core processors are more fast and efficient as compared to quad or octa
A Deca core processor is suitable for a gamer and heavy multitaskers. Having more number of core, Your device can handle heavy software easily and smoothly. But wait what about the battery?
The more of cores the more battery usage. If it is super fast so it is going to consume more power. It also reduces battery performance.
So keeping everything in mind choose wisely!
Any questions ask me in comments.

Deca core vs Octa core vs Quad core

I know many of you still confused. The above information wasn't enough to take the right decision. So let's get in deep and compare all the processors. Deca core vs Octa core vs Quad core Which one is really better?

Hypothetically, a Deca-center processor is superior to anything an Octa-core processor. Be that as it may, there are few gets here. 
  1. To begin with, If the Deca-Core processor has a low MIPS execution than Octa-core processor, at that point you won't discover much distinction between the two. 
  2. Second, No issue on the off chance that you are utilizing a Deca-core or Octa-core processor. Yet on the off chance that the product you mean to utilize does not bolster multi-core preparing. At that point, there is no reason for utilizing Deca-center or Octa-center or Quad-center processor. 
  3. Third, If the deca-center processor is worked considering warm streamlining, at that point you will discover the center checks, for the most part, keep running in low speed, and will knock up just when the product or equipment requests it. 

So which is better? This inquiry relies upon the over three components. The MIPS score, warm, and Software bolster (for multi-center execution). 

Relies on the kind of utilization you are utilizing. Deca Core is better to perform various tasks. Octa Core will be better for the more significant part of the recreations since clock cycle per-core could easily compare to no. of centers for gaming. 

For instance: Snapdragon 435 is an octa-core processor however it can't beat the Snapdragon 820 which is quad center as far as execution. 
Like insightful Mediatek Helio X30 is a Deca core processor can't beat Snapdragon 845 which is octa-core


It entirely relies upon the center engineering and the procedure used to fabricate them. 

To answer your inquiry, Deca center is best just if both the processors are composed of a similar engineering and assembling process. So this was my guide about processors. If you want more articles like this. Subscribe us my email & keep sharing and supporting.
Thanks for reading.

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