Kindle Paperwhite 2019 | Until Now, The amazing reading device Kindle has three significant problems. i.e. Water, book snob, and airplane seatback pockets. There is no hope for others but one of the major problems have been solved by its developers. This new model of Kindle Paperwhite is entirely waterproof. There is also good news for the lovers of audiobooks because Amazon has added a Bluetooth device in it.
Updated Kindle Paperwhite (2018-2019) Reviewd
Updated Kindle Paperwhite (2018-2019) Reviewed 

All new Updated Kindle Paperwhite (2018-2019)

I am not going to explain its same features again and again. I will talk directly to the point in this article. Here I have mentioned some of its pros and cons of this device after using it for a few weeks.

Pros of Kindle Paperwhite

  1. First is that the new model is completely waterproof.
  2. Due to its new Bluetooth device, Users now can listen to audiobooks.
  3. The design is also improved.
  4. Its has better-contrast display than the old version.

Cons of Kindle Paperwhite

  1. No special offers on top models[32 GB + LTE(What is the speed of 5g in Mbps? read here)] [It's Pricey]
  2. No text to speech converters and No mp3 support

Detailed Review of Kindle PaperWhite

Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite has for quite some time been the go-to tablet. It furnishes an acceptable knowledge with enough premium highlights to keep most abstract happy lovers of this device. Presently, with the expansion of Bluetooth/Audible and waterproofing, it's much more valuable and than previous models. It's better to avoid the base model and go directly to this one. 


Generally, the new Paperwhite ($129 with "Unique Offers") will feel stylish and practically recognizable to any individual who's used the past models. However, that is not a terrible thing: For those hoping to change from dead trees, the Paperwhite's dependably been a simple proposal.
All new Updated Kindle Paperwhite 2019
Amazon Kindle

In the range of Kindle, the Paperwhite sits in the Goldilocks zone. It nearly runs toe-to-toe with the $250 Oasis on highlights making it definitely justified even despite the additional bucks over the base Kindle ($80). Which needs waterproofing and has a lower-goals display with no backlighting. 

How about we accept internal storage for instance. The least features Kindle in the present lineup has 4GB, while the Paperwhite and the Oasis come in 8GB and 32GB memory. More is plainly better. However, 4GB is still enough to store well more than 1,000s of books. If you perused realistic books or other more prominent document positions, you can in any case stack up more than you'd at any point read on even the longest get-away

How much can you store?

Include the way that you can store all your Amazon buys in the cloud free and additional capacity all of a sudden doesn't appear as though quite a bit of an offering point. If you need more space then, you can move up to 32GB capacity for an additional $30. Ok, however, shouldn't something be said about book recordings? They're significantly higher in document measure, beyond any doubt. Yet you can at present store around 10 (plus or minus) even with a 4GB Kindle which is sufficient to prop you up.

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It's Display!

All new Updated Kindle Paperwhite (2018-2019) Reviewed after using
Talking about its display. Both the Oasis and the Paperwhite have 300-pixel-per-inch screens. The base Kindle presently comes in at 167 PPI. Yet except if what you're perusing has bunches of pictures, somewhat blockier content isn't a deplorable ordeal, at any rate as I would like to think. I do discover the backlit display on the Paperwhite and the Oasis a gift from heaven. However, and the additional difference they offer (i.e., a more white foundation) makes perusing more agreeable. 

What About Battery?

Amazon doesn't determine the battery estimate for any of its Kindles, instead of posting it as "weeks" for all models on their separate item pages. As per iFixit, the base Kindle has an 890mAh cell, while the most recent Paperwhite likely has 1,420mAh battery from previous ones. The absence of backlight display on the lower-spec display most likely levels out the battery life. Yet once more, these are likely little contrasts that will be more vital relying upon your particular needs.

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Conclusion On Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite

There is nothing more to say. But two significant changes can be found( waterproof and Bluetooth devices). These updates are worthy. As most of the Americans prefer using these devices in the shower, so this will be a great deal for them. The price of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite starts at $130, But if you can add $20 more then you don't want the ad-supported version (you don't). On the off chance that 8GB of capacity isn't sufficient, at that point add another $30 to move up to 32GB. Furthermore, on the off chance that you need the "FREE" LTE, then add another $70 once more (making an aggregate $250). The uplifting news is the vast majority needn't bother with the additional storage or the LTE in any case.

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