Alpha Blogger Template For Free

Alpha is a flagship blogger template claimed by Templates-Yard.
Yes, This theme is crafted with love by one of the finest theme producers i.e. Templates-Yard
Here, You will get the link to download the Alpha Blogger template for free and use it. Of course, it will come with footer credits.
To remove the footer link you have to purchase this theme
responsive template images
Alpha Responsive
I'm going to reveal some of its hidden features. Does this theme help in SEO?
Is it really fast? How to install in Blogspot? Where are the download links? Can I have a live demo
All the above queries will be solved in this article. Are you excited to know more about this theme? So let's get started.

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Features Of Alpha Theme

Before I Start. have a look around these images first. 
I think these pictures are enough to describe, how these themes will look when installed on your blog/site. 
Alpha HomePage pics for bloggers
Alpha Home Page

This theme is responsive and fast loading. The main colors to build this theme are deep green, white and black.
Black is used for the heading and fonts. The deep green is used for designing Which given this template a charming look

Design & Header

Generally, white is used for the background. This version of the alpha theme also supports full and boxed version. This setting can easily be changed from the layout section of the blog admin panel.
header of alpha template
This Is Header

First, Comes the top taskbar, which shows all time trending and breaking article/post from your entire site.
Yes, That is automated and changes every 4 seconds. You can change the timer form by editing your XML code.
Besides that, A full list of Social media icons can be found. That will help your visitors to reach you.
Then comes the header part. A big space for logo and banners Ad is available. This theme is also Adsense friendly
It is very easy to implement Google Adsense ads. You can also use other network ads without any hassle.
And there's nothing new in the header part. Let's move on the body section.

Body And Layout

Same colors are also used in the body section.
One by one each post is listed. 
If you allow auto Ads, Then you will able see Google Ads in between the posts. 
The body of this template display all the articles with image heading and little snippets. 
They also contain user-friendly share buttons.
They case share your article with just a click. 
The right sidebar is highly customizable. You can customize each and every part. In the live preview, you can find the authors description and a small image. 
Right below that a casserole of your recent article can be found.
Now you will ask what's new in this?
Unlike others, Alpha blogger theme has a unique feature i.e. A subscription widget.
Below each and every article this widget can be found. 
Suppose a visitor likes your post, and suddenly he found an engaging widget asking to enter his email. He will definitely enter and subscribe to your newsletter
That is the biggest advantage.
On the other hand, you can place link ads there, So, now you can easily understand what I am trying to say.
However, a rectangular box is also added which shows something about your blog.


The footer section is like others. But it can be made quite interesting by making little changes to it.
alpha footer images with links
This is Footer
What changes you can make?
First, remove all the ordinary/current widgets.
Now add a "Rich Text Widget" from the layout section, Write about your blog in that section, It will be better if you can add a logo there. 
In the middle area add an HTML AD code of size, 300*250. 
On the right section add a trending post section. That all. 
If you want to see how it looks, Then see mine! Just scroll below and have a look. How it will look.
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Why Choose This Theme?

The only reason to use this theme is its design and page load time
However, If you are planning to use Adsense, This is perfect for you. A separate space for advertising is available in this template.
Alpha Blogger Template specially designed for news and tech magazine blogs
Some of its all-time favorite features are... 
  1. Green
  2. Personal Pages
  3. News
  4. Technology
  5. Ads Ready
  6. Email Subscription Widget Ready
  7. Page Navigation Menu
  8. Clean, Slideshow
  9. White
  10. 1 Sidebar
  11. 1 Right Sidebar
  12. Clean
  13. Seo Ready
  14. Magazine
  15. Free Premium
  16. Post Thumbnails
  17. Responsive
  18. Social Bookmark Ready
  19. Drop Down Menu
  20. 3 Columns Footer
  21. 2 Columns.
  22. And many more.

SEO & Speed Test

The page load time is the most important factor in ranking. 
If your site/blog doesn't load fast, then it will not able to rank
You will not able to beat your competitors. The most important thing is the uniqueness
Is your design is unique? 
For this theme, you can edit and make your theme unique. But, What about load time.
Here, I have mentioned the SEO and Speed test of this alpha template
Basically, I use two different tools to check this theme.
One is Google Page Speed Insight and Other is GT Metrix. Both are the most famous tools to check load time. 
Results were shocking, See the below image to how this theme performs.
Alpha speed test with gt metrix and google page speed insight
Speed Test Of Alpha
Now, You have a clear idea, how fast is this theme. 
You can check personally also. 
To download this theme head to the next part of this article.

Download Alpha For FREE

The download is a bit easy and one-click process.
But, I will recommend you to take a live demo tour of this template. 
Just click on the live preview to see how this template performs in real time. 
After, that click on the Download button to download this theme in no time. 
The file size is not too big. It's about a few hundred Kbs. 
That can be downloaded in a few seconds.

Installation In BlogSpot

Installing a theme on Blogspot is one of the easiest things to do in Blogging. However, If you don't know how to do this.
This video is going to help you a lot. The below-given video is all about downloading and installing of alpha Blogger template.


Do you know?
If you spent more time writing better content instead of a theme, Then you can rank faster and earlier. 
That's is why everyone says Content Is King!
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By the way, This theme is great and has no cons. All depends on your content and the images you use in your site/blog.
If you want one of the fastest themes, then go for this theme blindly.
Don't forget to share this alpha blogger template with your friends.

Happy Blogging!
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